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D510C Parallel Backpack, ignition coil relocation/remote mounts

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Our ignition coil backpacks are made with an exclusive coil mount design allowing for a compact and easy to mount solution. These are built with 6061 grade aluminum for great strength with minimal weight and utilize high quality stainless steel flange bolts to attach the coils. Each bracket is designed so the coils can be mounted facing either direction to maximize the usability. Our coil backpacks provide two mounting holes for good stability and allows for easy installation anywhere. <br/><br/> This backpack uses the D510C style coil; it may work with other LS coil designs but has not been confirmed. This is the parallel style backpack, meaning the coil plugs and leads point the same direction as the bracket mounts. If this is not the correct orientation for you, check out our perpendicular mount backpacks.

These are perfect for any LS coil application, LS swaps, show cars, non LS engines with LS coils, race cars, etc. Mount them hidden or easy to access, to roll cages, firewalls, engine blocks, valve covers, etc. We are able to design custom coil backpacks in almost any configuration, 2 coils, 6 coils, 8 coils and more with a large variety of mounting tab styles. We are developing ready to mount backpack mounting brackets and other coil series backpacks, keep an eye on our website or social media as those are developed. Please message us directly for custom coil backpacks or mounting solutions for them at [email protected] This product is built-to-order.

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