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87+ AW11 trunk battery relocation

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This does not include battery cables or the battery. This kit pairs well with our trunk intake block off for 87+ AW11’s as that provides a great location to run battery cables through. Message us for a custom block off plate with bulkhead lugs or holes for cables at [email protected].

Our new battery tray for the AW11 allows you to remove that bulky battery and cut out the battery brackets from your engine bay. Removing those assemblies from the engine bay allows for a cleaner more accessible engine bay, great for engine swaps. Our battery tray is made to mount with factory bolt holes in the left side of the trunk and includes all necessary hardware including battery tie down bolts. It is designed to work with a 26 series battery, by changing to a 26 series, this allows for a smaller and more compact design. Tucking the battery as far out of the way as possible to maximize trunk space. Our battery tray utilizes the stock AW11 trunk intake location and mounting holes, this will not work in conjunction with the factory trunk intake. If your car does not have a factory trunk intake, your car will not have the mounting holes used in designing this tray. The tray can be used on pre 1987 AW11s, but you will be required to sort out the mounting solution yourself, we are not liable for any modifications made. This product is built-to-order.

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